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Good Days and Rainy Days

As I looked outside my window, I knew something was about to change. Within minutes all the grey clouds started floating over, merging new colours to the palette of the sky. I was thrilled to see the lightning setting up the stage of performance. Oh my God! Is that the sweet earthy smell? I couldn’t resist but close my eyes as I enjoyed every bit of this divine moment. I was overjoyed to hear the sounds of distant cattle moo mooing and birds coo cooing. For a second, I thought I might be dreaming. I wanted this to last forever only to be interrupted by loud slamming of my terrace door. I rushed to see the chaos and Oh there! Where are the clothes I left for drying? I freaked out. Half of them were flying away and the rest were moaning on the dusty floor. I looked down at the street to see my clothes being worn and I being mocked by notorious kids. Suddenly, I started hating this weather (and my life of course!).

Why this keeps on happening to me? Why can’t the happy moments last forever? WHY GOD CHOSE ONLY ME? I tend to get over-dramatic at the situations like this. As I was busy collecting the samples of my clothes, something rubbed against my skin. The sudden gush of wind gave me goose bumps as it swiped through the locks of my hair. And there you go, it started pouring heavily.  I could feel the rain hammering down on my head and in a few seconds, I was fully drenched. I could hear the rhythmic sound of rain trickling down my ears.  I don’t know why but I started giggling like a little girl. It is silly to tell people but I literally started laughing hard all by myself.  I looked down at the street where kids were dancing only to find myself dancing with them.

I wondered how many different roles the weather played today. I wondered how many different roles we played today and every day. We seem to be happy on some days and on the other days we want to be happy. Sometimes we are frustrated, but the other times we are excited, sometimes we fail but the other times we conquer. We have so much going on at once, so many moods, so many emotions. But the real job is to keep going. The same place can make us a lonely soul when we are sad and a peaceful soul when we are happy. So, situations don’t control your mood but your mind does. Your happiness depends on your attitude and does not lie in the hands of others. Only you hold the power to make your life beautiful and happy. The situations or people do not govern you. You own yourself. In fact, I challenge the things that make me unhappy. I challenge them right to the face by saying “Come and try to spoil it”. As they say, there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. I say that there is nothing like bad days in our life, only different kinds of good days.


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